Marc Kagan: Business and Technology Leader

Marc Kagan is a native of Chicago Illinois but built his career primarily in the Atlanta, Georgia area as a resident since 1997.

Marc specializes in Business / Technology Strategy including project, product and development management, Marc's career successes go back nearly 15 years.  Marc is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and Certified SCRUM Master (CSM).

Please find information regarding his professional accomplishments listed below:

Recent Press Articles:
Older Press Articles:
  • "Our pricing and eligibility services are centrally maintained and consumed by several different applications," said Marc Kagan, vice president of Southstar Funding LLC. [Mortgage Technology Magazine - Published on: 7/1/2006]
  • "Subprime is an art, not a science," added Marc KaganSouthStar's vice president for e-business development. [Mortgage Technology MagazinePublished on: 4/1/2006]
  • Moreover, as SouthStar Funding's Marc Kagan recently noted, ROI is just one component of a lender's decision-making process. [Mortgage Technology MagazinePublished on: 4/1/2006]
  • "Because they're choosing from a grid listing the options and are not making it up as they go along, there isn't room for error," noted Mr. Kagan. "Further, if they put together invalid combinations it'll tell you why there is a mistake and what has to be done to correct it." [Broker MagazinePublished on: 7/6/2005]
  • "Being a nonconforming lender we want to support as many credit providers as possible so our customers can use the providers they feel comfortable with," added Marc Kagan, vice president, e-business at nonconforming lender SouthStar Funding. [Mortgage Technology MagazinePublished on: 2/20/2006]
  • Marc Kagan, vice president of eBusiness Development at Atlanta-based SouthStar Funding, said, "The Newsletter is easy to read and provides industry-specific insight for practical business use. [Source Media Press ReleasePublished on: 2/28/2006]

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